Ute Bivona, Artist

Hello and welcome!


I am Ute Bivona.

I am an open person who tries to look at ordinary situations, images, impressions and feelings in a different light and to translate all of this into images. This is what I love the most!


The story behind my pictures is the story of hope, healing, joy and unreserved respect and love for nature. I don't sell artistic technology, no paint on canvas - I awaken feelings, memories, joy, want to touch your heart, want to change your world, let you glow, every time you look at one of my works. I am committed to this, working every day with all my heart and soul on my creations.


Each of my pictures is absolutely unique. I love working with colors and their variations. The colors give me my inspiration. Of course, I only work with high-quality materials and professional colors, which is reflected in the brilliance of the colors and the lightfastness.

Enjoy my private "art gallery" and do not hesitate to send me feedback. I would be happy about that!


Best regards

Ute Bivona

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